The Young and the Restless 

Society Of Canada 


The Young & the Restless (Y&R) is a New Community Outreach program dedicated to empowering young people (ages 12-25) in the Lower Mainland as we reach their needs through empowerment.

The Young and The Restless has six main purposes:

To provide youth-centered and youth-driven programs. The activities described below will be carried out by Y&R in support of the organization’s three purposes.

One of the major activities of Y&R is the creation and moderation of the “The Young and the Restless Youth Committee”. This is a board comprised of Young people that represent the ‘Youth Voice’ of the Organization. The Committee gets together once a week for a two-hour meeting. They work collaboratively to advise and organize Y&R activities, events, programming and policies.

(Any young person is welcome to join the “Committee”, although attendance at weekly meetings is required.)

Purposes one, Committee offers a ‘bottom-up’ approach to this youth outreach program. The Y&R will offer an After-School and Weekend Drop-In program where young people can use the space outside of school hours. The youth can use the space to socialize, do homework, use the computers, play board games or create and modify existing or new projects. Counselors will also be available during this period for drop-in sessions (the Counseling program will be outlined in greater detail later in this document). The After-School Drop-In will take place after school hours, whereas the Weekend-Drop In is on Saturday, Sundays and holidays. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the organization will host the Late Night Program. This program is designed to offer young people a fun and safe environment to enjoy their Friday and Saturday evenings. The Late Night Program will be monitored by adult supervision and involves organized activities such as games night, karaoke, music jams, and social dances. This activity relates to Purpose 1 because it is designed to create a safe and welcoming environment for young people outside of school hours. We believe it is important to offer young people a friendly and welcoming space, especially on weekends. In the Lower Mainland, there is a lack of programming for youth- particularly on weekend evenings. The Drop-In and Late Night programs address this gap by offering a fun, safe and supervised space for young people to utilize.

Purpose 2 Another impactful Y&R activity is a prevention-based mentoring program called Saving Face. This is a drug-awareness program that is designed to teach youth about drugs and substance abuse prevention. Saving Face is designed to meet the needs of youth struggling with substance abuse or addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. This program is incredibly important in the Lower Mainland, where substance abuse remains a large issue. This activity relates to Purposes 2 and 3 because it is an education-based program that encourages young people to make the right decisions. By preventing, reducing and minimizing the harms related to drug and alcohol misuse, we empower the youth to achieve their full potential.

Purpose 3 The Y&R Counselling and Peer Mentoring program offers drop-in and appointment-based counselling services. Young people can utilize the various resources provided by the counselors such as talk-therapy, career advice and resources to postsecondary and vocational education. The youth can talk to counselors about any issues, successes or concerns they have surrounding family, school, careers, interpersonal and gender issues. The Peer Mentoring program involves older Y&R youth (ages 17+) mentoring younger Y&R members. Peer Mentors can provide a wealth of support to their younger mentees, including social support and homework help. The Counseling and Peer mentoring program relates to Purposes 1, 2 and 3. By providing free counseling services, Y&R fosters a sense of belonging, acceptance and empowerment. The Peer Mentoring program also encourages youth-driven and youth-centered programming by allowing the youth to help each other. Most high school counselors are overwhelmed with high volumes of students. Therefore, the Counseling and Peer Mentoring program addresses this issue by improving youth access to counseling services.

Purpose 4 The Feeding Program is a breakfast program that provides ongoing nutritious breakfasts. The purpose of the Feeding Program is to ensure students are well fed before class, helping them concentrate and excel in their social and academic lives. The program is founded on the idea that food makes us feel safe, provides us with the nutrition we need and contributes to our mental and physical well-being. This activity relates to Purpose 1, 2 and 3. By giving young people free, healthy breakfasts, it increases their sense of importance and comfort. Upon satisfying the basic physiological need for food, young people can concentrate on higher academic, social and career-related pursuits.

Purpose 5 The Young and The Restless Thrift Store has a Recycling Clothing Exchange. In each Y&R center, there will be a section that is designated for a clothing swap. With clothing stores it will receive donations from various organizations in new and second hand clothing. This provides a fun, affordable and green alternative to buying new clothes. This program allows the youth to express themselves creatively through clothing and fashion. This activity relates to Purpose 2 because it encourages self-expression, which in turn is empowering. It also adds a fun and creative element to the Y&R space and community.

Most Importantly, Purpose 6 to provide a safe, accessible and welcoming space designated for young people in various locations across the Lower Mainland as we give them the ability to use their voice that is acknowledged and respected.  By involving the youth in the decision-making process, Y&R can best serve their target demographic. This fosters a reciprocal relationship between Y&R and the people it serves as it forms the various activities to keep them healthy and happy in this challenging world. 

 The simple empowerment of young people we would enhance their sense of self-worth, belonging and agency

These are just a few of The Young and The Restless Activities and Events as our list is a lot longer. As we set up new improved Programming and set new Policies, we are a Young Organization helping shape the World to be a better safe Home. We will work directly with the following existing Organizations:

1. The Vancouver School Board

2. Sacy

3. Coastal Health

4. Vancouver Youth Services