The Young and the Restless Clothing Exchange 

Here are some wonderful photos of our amazing and talented students that volunteers. They love to work around  reworked garments such as these jean jackets shown here that they beautifully painted and we also have it so that our students have fun with our clothes and do amazing photoshoots !! 


Clothing exchange is like consignment but better

We deal with your fine garments as you bring them in.

They should be clean, gently used clothing that are sizes medium and up.

You can trade for other garments at 30% of the set selling price.

ie: if we can sell your item for $20 you can trade

for an item for $6

and there are many beautiful garments for that low price!

You can also leave with a store gift card that you can give away.

Consign it ( must be in mint condition ) get 40% of the selling price.

We do pay cash it would have to be Vintage or Retro (1990 or older) and we can pay on the spot.