The Young and The Restless Society of Canada has 5 mission,  we would like to share the rest of our dreams for the future with you at a later date.

Mission 1: Clothing exchange in schools, allowing youth to express themselves through their wardrobe, while expanding the concept of green shopping by recycling fashion.

Dancing in the Moonlight Initiative  Mission 5

The Young and The Restless aims to create a school-wide program in which youth can experience music and dance in a way which both encourages sobriety and fosters a sense of community. Adolescents in the Vancouver area face a host of unique and complex problems, ranging from a widening socioeconomic divide to social isolation and bullying in individual schools. Due to a lack of affordable and/or publicly funded arts programs, at-risk youth have fewer extracurricular options and often turn to student-hosted parties, which not only feed ‘clique’ behavior but also encourage use of drugs and alcohol. We want to offer an alternative by hosting monthly ‘Dry Dances’, which will not only provide a safe, fun atmosphere for teens but also promote a larger sense of community within the school population.

Dance provides enormous and varied health benefits, all of which translate to healthier and more productive students. In an increasingly sedentary society, it is the responsibility of the adults to facilitate healthy, productive habits, which enrich, prolong and balance the lives of the next generation. Exercise can alleviate symptoms of clinical depression, reduce anxiety, increase cognitive performance and help control addiction, among numerous other benefits. By presenting it in a school-wide dance format, we appeal to a larger group of students who may not be involved in existing athletic programs and create an inclusive environment.

By encouraging physical activity through monthly school dances, we accomplish our second goal of fostering a larger sense of community within the school and encouraging at-risk youth to become more integrated members of the student body. In 2012, the Georgia Basin had a ‘drop-out’ rate of 25%, something that inevitably correlates to lack of attendance, substance abuse issues, mental health problems and/or domestic issues. Our organization aims to remedy that problem by encouraging all students to congregate once a month in a relaxed and creative environment; ultimately encouraging troubled teens to enjoy their school space and feel safe with their peers.

Vancouver has a desperate need for safe, drug-free youth programs, which foster interaction and friendship between peers. Between a widening socioeconomic gap and 1/4 of high school students failing to graduate, something must be done to encourage attendance and success while reducing the incidence of underage drinking and drug use. We believe that through a variety of initiatives, including a monthly ‘Dry Dance’ program, The Young and The Restless can remedy many of the problems facing today’s youth population.

The Young and The Restless Society of Canada

Written by:  Emma Rose, Age 19