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Fashion Revolution

We believe that greater transparency will lead to more accountability- leading to an overall change in the way business is done.  Fashion Revolution encouraging the companies who are making real efforts to be more transparent about who makes their clothes. It is up to all of us to make sure companies are doing what they say they are.

Ultimately, everybody needs to play a part in holding the industry accountable- not only to its business practices, employees, and customers, but to the environment and community as well.

Find out more about how you can use your voice to push for greater transparency.

Direct clothing exchange service

Trade fashionable clothing and accessories within your local community! At Y & R we offer a direct clothing exchange service, allowing us to collect over 

300 lbs of clean clothes per-month for our local charity of choice.



provides a range of housing and support services.

The philosophy behind The Young and The Restless Clothing Exchange is to encourage community involvement. We are proud to say that this is Vancouver's First "Clothing Exchange Store." It is an environmentally conscious store offering a means to recycle clothing, and help decrease the collective carbon footprint of our neighbourhood.